Proofing & Mockups

Colour control

Digital proofing

Colour control and managing customer expectation is the purpose of our digital proofing capabilities. As part of the full reprographic work flow, press ‘fingerprint’ tests are measured with spectrophotometer hardware to produce press compensation curves so that our digital proofs match exactly to our printing plates thus giving your customer zero surprises.  Colour accurate GMG and digital Cromalin® proofs can be shipped out on colour critical projects for peace of mind for both the printer and their customers.

Wet proofing

Digital proofing technology do not allow for simulating accurate halftone dots. Also, solid spot colours are simulated and not exact to colour guides such as PANTONE®. Flat bed wet proofing takes care of these areas. Our presses print with high resolution printing plates so each colour is precisely that which will be produced on a press. Details such as dot structure, accurate tone gradations and colour balance are replicated exactly as they would once printed in a production environment.

Simulated packaging

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 16.46.15

Packaging mockups

Combinations of digital and traditional print are often required to create highly accurate mockups. Shrink sleeves, cartons, labels and cans are all within the capabilities of the MPH proofing department. For further information on packaging mockups and sales samples, visit our dedicated website.